All of the classes about Danish language and culture is for you who wants to learn Danish or if you have Danish as your second language. Do you have Danish as your second language or are you in the country for a limited period, this is the place where you can work with your Danish language skills at a level that suits you. Since you live at the school, you are constantly trained in the language and challenged to use what you have learned in the Danish classes.

Regardless your skills in Danish, here is the opportunity to learn more of the language and get to know the Danish culture.

The choice is yours.


#Danish language and cultural exchange

Based on the language – Danish as a second language – we will work with cultural exchange. Each student has to make a presentation in Danish about the students own country and culture. Concurrently, we will work with grammar individually and collectively.

#Phrasebook Danish – Danish for beginners

The teaching is based on playing with the language.We will make small communication exercises, use music, reading small texts, work with small written exercises.

#Danish language by text reading

We will read short stories and newspaper articles. Together we will discuss what we have read, make small presentations or discuss in smaller groups..

#Danish movies

Danes are good at making movies. We will work withmovies, which presents the Danish culture. We will prepare by text reading, conversation, discussion, and we will postprocess the film in the same way.

#Creative writing

Working with literary expression. Writing short and slightly longer stories from a paper and in smaller groups we will make written papers.

#Danish society and culture

The goal of this course is to increase our knowledge about the Danish culture and the Danish society. We will prepare visits, exchange experience and then visit various Danish institutions. We will visit a farm, talk to the local priest and get a glimpse of the Danish National Church traditions. We will hear about the Danish school system, visit the local nursery and the local nursing home.


Joan Sørensen

Det interessante ved højskolearbejdet er netop også relationen til de unge ud over undervisningen


Stationsvej, 54, 5464 Brenderup

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