There is no music not worth investigating. The best and funniest survey is simply trying to play.

At Brenderup School, we believe that it is just as interesting to make an African groove as a samba-reggae, blues, country or folk song to work. Energy and joy of playing is the foundation, the skills comes along.

We have a lot of experience with many kinds of music. The individual periods of a certain genre will be completed by performing a small concert for everyone at the school.

It is also possible to record in live-or multitrack techniques.

If you intend to study at a music education, we can assist your preparations.

Come out sailing on the musical ocean, plenty of challenges – no seasickness, but good fun as the horizon gets bigger and bigger.


#Global Music – Latinamerikansk

Ensemble inspired by Latin American music. We’ll rehearse tunes – working with rhythms – sound – culture.

#Global Music, Reggae, etc.

Ensemble – area / genre specific music for example. reggae, raï, we’ll rehearse tunes – working with rhythms – sound – culture

#Global Music – African Music

Ensemble inspired by African music we’ll rehearse tunes – working with rhythms – sound – culture

#Nordic music

Ensemble based on music from all over Scandinavia and Greenland.

#The 4 corners of the world

Ensemble music and rhythms from all over the world


Ensemble without inhibitions or limitations


Everything has a sound and that sound can be used with other sounds and then you have a rhythm.

#Music knowledge

Introduction to musical jargon and listening training = theory / ear training for example. how chords are built up – what are the scales – how to count to 5 – how sounds …exercises in reading and writing

#Street æusic

Rehearsal of tunes that can withstand being played on the streets and squares.


Ensemble – rehearsal of standards – improvisation.

#From people to people

Acoustic ensemble – from folk to classical – from show to the aria…


Building a concert / performance that will be interesting to attend for many people and not just your friendsRequires participation in several other music classes and / or a certain level of an instrument / vocal.


Morten Winther 

It's great to play music from all over the world


Stationsvej, 54, 5464 Brenderup

64 44 24 14

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