To create, experiment and immerse in various handicrafts sets the imagination and the creative element in motion. Creativity flourishes with the product and the enthusiasm and develops your life experience. These lessons can be useful in art or pedagogic studies later on.

#Mixed Media

Techniques in various surface treatments, metal patina, photo transfer, plaster and paper prints are reviewed. We will work with handmade paper for use on the screens. We will talk about composition, simplification and texture in the picture. Material knowledge and image tutorials will be included.


We will learn about the theory of the anatomy and movements of the human body. Draw one another in different positions with various materials. Theoretical and practical presentations about the diversity and the development of the drawing. The art of seeing instead of recite from our memory. The classes will also include modeling in clay as well as sketching a naked model.

We will approach the painting in many different ways. Try out techniques and experiment with the materials. Paint with our eyes closed, paint with chalk, sand or even use a paint brush which is 2 meters long. The inspirations will come from our everyday life and different periods in the art history.

#The Printing House

In this workshop we will create pictures in relief printing and make these prints on among others cardboard, polystyrene, plexiglass and linoleum. We will experiment and play with colors and ink.

#Moving Pictures
We will make a joyful story spoken in pictures and music. You can use slides, stop motion, photos, shadow figures and sand art. You will have the possibility to work with this on a PC.

#Land art
We will create emotional pictures and installations (hedder det også det på engelsk), both to be remembered for a lifetime, but will perish in a while. We create pictures in the nature, in the ocean, at the beach, in the trees and in the moonlight.

#Drawing and Watercolor
We try out different draw equipments and draw methods besides chromatology. We will immerse into the techniques and skills in watercolor. Besides that we will illustrate a story or draw in the nature.



Through this subject we will work with the third dimensional expression. We’ll create sculptures out of clay and paper, plaster casts, ice sculptures, mosaic and willow sculptures. We’ll mix the materials as much as possible or as much as we dare.

#Pottery Workshop

We test the diversity of the clay. We go through various techniques such as casting, turning and modeling. The Japanese firing process “Raku” willbe introduced. Possibly we will go through subjects as jewelry and clay, churches and religion and icons .

#Art appreciation

We’ll discuss ”What is art” and watch art movies, visit local artists and galleries in the area.

#Knife making

Designing and shaping a handle and adapting the leather sheath for the finished knife. Besides that we’ll talk about the historical perspective of the importance of knives.

#Lyrics and pictures

We’ll work with words and rhymes while we make various small images that refers to the words and rhymes.

#Haiku poems

Haiku poems is a Japanese way of writing poems that deals with the nature. We’ll write nature poems in each of our languages, play with words and imagination as well as performance and recitation.


We will learn to process wool and produce clothing, bags, scarves, hats and slippers. You will be introduced to different techniques, among others: needle felt, felt in shapes, felting flat pieces and nunofelt.

#Photo and word

We will work with words such as respite, balance, harmony. We will Talk about the importance molding and find pictures in our everyday life and nature.

We value the meeting with one another and the development of the great ideas, the space for curiosity and playfulness, and for each others needs for rest and contemplation. We’ll have common and individual lessons where you will have the possibility to develop your own technical skills in various artistic handicrafts.



Art is a great subject to work with, because through art we can create dialogue


Stationsvej, 54, 5464 Brenderup

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