The line of purpose is to the information and education about sustainable development. To give a national and international perspective, while ensuring an international understanding of the ecological thinking. An overview of what is going nationally and internationally on education about sustainable ecology, environment and economic development.

The course will initially develop and build an "Off Grid House", which will provide a framework for the subject's future development.

Overall, an "Off Grid House" is a house which even generates energy, which converts waste into usable products.
Once the house is built, it will provide a framework for continuing development and popular education in the field of sustainability.
The course is open to everyone, but is primarily intended for those who want to have knowledge and skills to make their own and others' lives sustainable.


WEEKS 1-6:  

History and social science, organization and finance. Construction, drawings, models and building materials, building codes, local plans and planning.

WEEK 7:  

Making of a theoretical project (one per student).

WEEK 8 : 

Prepare Bo project. Input to the film project for house building.

WEEK 9 :

Electrical installations. Photovoltaics. LV Thermo cells, water installations, damming, etc.


WEEK 10:

Sewage installations, biogas plants,
Prepare construction with the working group, set up shop, production and storage.

WEEK 11:

Construction of the house

WEEK 12:

Construction of the house

WEEK 13:

Water collection and installations.

WEEK 14:

Solar and hot water installations.

WEEK 15:

Oven and flue gas scrubber.


WEEK 16:

Solar cells, Thermo cells and installations.

WEEK 17:

Biogas plant and gas installations.

WEEK 18:

Completion of the live and film project.

WEEKS 19+20:

Inspiration tours to Denmark and abroad.


WEEKS 21 + 22 + 23+ 24:

Buffer weeks and completion.

Steen Møller

Let us build houses which point to the future


Stationsvej, 54, 5464 Brenderup

64 44 24 14

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